Dear {{firstname}}

Note that your personal information is not displayed.

Your urgent attention is needed

Dear {{firstname}}

As reported earlier, I have recovered some of the lost PAAA data with the help of a database professional.

Unfortunately, most of the data could not be recovered. Only 

This note outline the data regarding you personally that is recovered-

Registration Number: {{regnum}}, First Name: {{firstname}}, Last Name: {{lastname}}, Email address: {{email}}, Registration Status: {{status}} Dated: {{dated}}.

Rebuilding the register

I have initiated work on the rebuilding by:

  • Created a new domain and activated a temporary landing page at

    (The old domain has been snapped up by a web page reseller who is offering it for sale for €699.)

  • Revised the old Code of practice and management structure with the help of some of the existing senior professional members. This information is not available to the public as yet but can be accessed at 

Your action required:

  • Consider if you want to be listed in the new register.

  • If not, reply to this letter with a note to the effect. You can then ignore the rest of this heading.

  • Study the draft information at and take note of the new suggested statuses. Based on the recovered data, your new status will be {{newstatus}}.

  • If your situation changed or the new status does not reflect your status, please reply with the information that should be changed.

  • If your information, as recovered and stated above is not complete or need correction, please reply with the information that is to be added or corrected. Note that the information of a professional will need confirmation.

  • Indicate if you are willing to serve on the management and/or any subsequent group.

I hope to have the new register with your information running as soon as possible but will need help. Please indicate if you are in a position to assist.

Acting Registrar


The Parental Alienation Awareness Association (PAAA) is a group of member volunteers managing a register of Parental Alienation Professionals (PAP) and other parental alienation supporters. The PAAA is registered with the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland on 1 September 2014 under the number 3292541AH.
Email: Telephone - membership enquiries only: +353 87 977 4513 and +353 89 988 6038 

You received this newsletter because you were registered as a member, affiliate or subscriber of the Parental Alienation Awareness Association in the past, or your name was forwarded to me as a prospective future member.

If you do not want to get this newsletter again, please press Reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line